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Winter and Travel Wreak Havoc...and CBD Helps

My skin is always dry. Even in 100% humidity I'm digging in my purse or laptop bag desperately searching for my tube of ... anything really. I've found expensive balms for my hands work just about as poorly as the cheap stuff I pickup on the fly, my trusty washcloth works as well as expensive microabrasives, and my Oil of Olay works as well as the expensive cream I get from my dermatologist. Airplane travel and waiting outside for my Lyft and pulling rollerbags and unpacking laptops all day taxes my dry skin even more.

Sometimes, however, I find something surprising that helps a little. And those incremental improvements have added up over time. I'm not one to jump on bandwagons but the CBD oil revolution has found its way to me, and I'm glad.

I popped into a local CBD boutique, Hippie & French, a few weeks ago. The proprietor was knowledgeable and open and wow did she have nice skin. So I asked her what she used and she pointed me to Mender CBD serum. She said that since beginning to use the serum, she doesn't use any other products on her skin. I bought it and I'm a fan. Not only does it have an almost spiritual scent, it works. My skin is softer and less irritated and doesn't flake as much. I use it morning and night and only supplement with my normal eye cream. Since it works so well I began to explore other CBD products.

I found Korent CBD oil - which I like because of its happy flavors but also because you can trace your product all the way back to the farmer who grew it. Since I began taking it before bed, my lower back pain (from life on a plane) has dissipated and I'm certain I'm sleeping better - even in hotels with bad pillows (my biggest biz travel pet peeve).

And finally, I suffer from cramps in my feet. Whether because I'm clomping through airports, on my feet all day at trade events, or just eating poorly on the road, I get really painful cramps in my feet, especially when I travel. Given my success with CBD I figured let's see what it can do for my feet. I found Mary's Compound and travel with a small container of it. I rub it into my feet before bed and not only does it soothe tired trade show feet, my cramps are far less acute and painful.

So - these little wins make the winter tradeshow travel season more bearable, for me anyway. Do you have any little wins to share with the Go Jane Go Community? Share it with us in the comments or on social, @gojanegotravels!

~Journey On, Janes!

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