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Veterans have Earned Business Class, and Better

Give up your first or business class seat for a Veteran today. And everyday.

In my over 300,000 business class miles of the last few years I've seen a lot. The good, bad, and ugly. And sometimes the perfect.

Last month a man in business class invited the active military guy in coach class to take his business class seat. It was an easy JFK to PIT flight. It was a simple gesture to show respect, and the guy in uniform accepted. I put a hand on the civilian's shoulder and said, simply; "Well done." I've been trying to pay it forward ever since. I'm especially eager to do it for a woman in uniform. Me sitting in a standard size coach seat obviously pales in comparison to putting your life on the line for our country. But sometimes it's important to use what little power I have to say thank you.

Give up a first or business class seat for an active military or veteran today.

~Journey On, Janes

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