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Travel Perks for Business Women

Updated: Feb 28

Business travel has its perks. From collecting frequent flier miles and joining a plethora of bonus programs offered by credit cards, hotel chains and travel service companies, when you travel for business there are many extras out there for sure.

On the other hand, it can feel impossible, at times, trying to put a positive spin on our travel schedule. In chatting about our lifestyle with our peers, we can feel pressure to complain, begrudge or bemoan the number of trips we make per month or even regret upcoming work that will take us away from local activities.

At other times we have to admit that we love our work, our travel and all the tastes, sights and sounds that come with exploring other parts of our country and world. Sometimes the benefits feel like blessings and we have to embrace the joy of it.

At Go Jane Go, we like to hear about it all. Business travel isn't all bad, all good and it certainly isn't for everyone. But we know how valuable it is to get real tips and hear real stories from other women who share our unique experience.

We appreciate hearing about how you can enjoy incredible sights in London if you only have 2 hours to kill or about favorite restaurants, street foods or even cooking in NYC. It's similarly priceless to get perspective from the backroads Iowa or follow along amazing niche experiences all over the country, thanks to our friends at Pack Up & Go.

We want to hear yours, too.

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~Journey On, Janes

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