• Deja Leonard

Mask Up! Best Masks for Women on the Road

Business travel is slowly returning as coronavirus vaccines become available. Still, safety precautions will continue for the foreseeable future in airports, on airlines and on all forms of transportation since President Biden signed his mask mandate into effect . Using the right mask is essential to to protect yourself and your fellow travelers, so we compiled a list of some of the most effective masks we use while traveling.

1. For longer trips: Pacsafe ViralOff Face Mask

Are you on the road for long periods of time, often traveling to several locations? You’ll probably love the Pacsafe ViralOff Face Mask. It will hold 99% fewer viruses for two hours and has a water-repellent fabric. Plus, the antimicrobial material sanitizes your mask, meaning it can be worn longer between washes.

2. For going straight to a meeting: Pure Silk Face Covering

We’ve all been there. Whether your flight was delayed or even on time, you often have to hustle to make it to your meeting on time. Throw on the Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering for a classy, put-together look. It’s got the basic features you need and will feel great on your skin.

3. For when you want an FDA-approved mask: The Tokyo

Wearing FDA-approved protective equipment can help provide peace of mind in an airplane and other densely-packed places. The Tokyo mask by evolvetogether is a disposable, medical-grade mask for extra-cautious travelers. And, the company donates a portion of the proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund to protect endangered animals.

4. For when you love environmentally-conscious purchases: Organic cotton mask

These 100 percent organic cotton face masks from Plover come in beautiful patterns and are environment-friendly because they’re reusable and washable. A metal nose bridge ensures a close fit. If the environment is often top of mind, why compromise when buying a mask?

5. For when you work with the deaf or hard of hearing: Adjustable Window Communication Mask

The Adjustable Window Communication Mask boasts a clear window that allows people to see your lips and read your mouth while speaking. Even when not working with someone who is deaf, the mask is a great way to break down communication barriers.

6. For when you just want a great-fitting mask : Women's Activate Face Mask

You know how some masks keep slipping below your nose or simply don’t fit right? The Women's Activate Face Mask has adjustable ear loops and an extender that helps improve the fit.

Have a mask that works as hard as you do during the pandemic? Share it with us in the comments below; we are always looking for crowdsourced, reliable information from other women business travelers. Go Jane, Go!

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