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Looking for Spring?

Thinking about joining Stitch Fix? Me too. It's an idea in the back of my mind for weeks now. Or have you check out Nordstrom's Trunk Club? I have been looking into their cool service, too. But then, today, I found this and I may have to just do it. It's like the Stitch Fix team read my mind:

MAKE IT WORK If spring fashion fever has you craving a sleeveless dress but the temperatures haven’t quite caught up yet, indulge your anyway and wear it with a long sleeved blouse underneath. This look is especially work-friendly, making a sleeveless dress a bit more professional. A small scale print lends itself to really fun styling—pick up one of the shades in the dress and match a bag to it, and add s subtly snake patterned shoe—and get ready for a very stylish 9:00 a.m. meeting.

Maybe it's this grey/brown winter we're finally finishing, or just a craving to try something new, but the concept of getting new, fresh looks delivered to my door makes me excited. I love mail. I love surprises. And I love how I feel in a new dress in the Spring. Besides, who has time to shop -- online or in a brick and mortar store!?

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Let's get this conversation going! Or tell us about other places you enjoy getting your Spring looks.

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~Journey On, Janes

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