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I'm Thankful for You, 20-Year-Old Dirty Luggage

It's Thanksgiving week! So the team at Go Jane Go thought it would be a good time to thank the people and stuff in our lives making business travel easier on us and our loved ones.

From Ellen: To my well-used, well-traveled, red Victorinox rollerbag, thank you for being with me all this time. Your zipper pulls may all be missing, but your roll is still smooth like butter and I can still pick you out of a lineup with your red patina and badass black grease mark you picked up from that episode in Mallorca. Here's to 20 more years of business adventures and missed connections!

From Kate: To my Krumpler messenger bag, thank you for holding EVERYTHING. I have shoved more papers, laptops, beauty products, water bottles, high heels, and workout clothes into your bottomless space than I can ever fathom. And yet you never feel heavy or unbalanced. Especially during sprints through O'Hare or down Park Ave. I'm grateful for you!

From Rebecca: To my Audible subscription - you make waiting in boarding lines and for takeoff productive and entertaining. You make the drive to Philly almost bearable.

Whether I need fiction or non-fiction, something challenging or chick-lit, you never let me down. And for that I thank you!

Looking back over your last year of business travel, what are you grateful for? Let us and the Go Jane Go Community know in the comments below or join our private Facebook group to join in the conversation!

~Journey On, Janes! (and Happy Thanksgiving!)

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