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Got A Period Story?

Aunt Flow and Go Jane Go have a lot in common– we’re women on the go. And when women on the go get their periods on the go, that can slow us down and create annoyances we'd rather not deal with. Not. Any. More. Starting today we want YOU to join us. Aunt Flow and Go Jane Go are working together to make period products as commonplace as toilet paper - especially in places like airports and offices where women business travelers find ourselves all the time! Don't get us wrong - we know periods are purposeful. We just know they're not always on our schedule! How can you get involved? Tell your story. We all have one. Or two. Let’s tell our stories and get businesses, airports, airlines, trains, and all public bathrooms to dispense period products like they matter. Because they do. Want to support this initiative? Click HERE to order products for your business or personal use. So What’s Your Story of getting your period on-the-go? We’ll start. Here are a few of ours:

  • Morning run in Chicago - away from home!

  • During a 3-hour flight

  • My colleagues pretended they didn’t notice

  • We were about to present to a huge client.

  • I’m a CEO and it happened right after lunch last week.

  • I was 24. New job. Everyone could see.

What’s Your Story? Share it in the comments below or join our private Facebook group; "Let's Fix Business Travel for Women!", HERE. ~Journey On, Janes!

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