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Five Founders Share Their Best Business Advice

Entrepreneurship is a difficult road to travel. Success and setbacks are inevitable, even on the same day. As we head into a new year (after an incredibly daunting one), we all can use some motivation and advice when it comes to work. We asked five founders about what keeps them going professionally, and which skills are most helpful when faced with challenges. Here’s what they had to say: 1. Adriana Vazquez, Co-founder & CEO Lilu “Getting comfortable asking for help was a big one for me — I used to - and sometimes still do - try to figure lots of things on my own. But that’s not efficient at all. People want to help, especially when you’re working on a cause that matters to people. In our case with Lilu, people want to help because they care about women’s health, or innovation, or they simply want to learn or give back. As a familiar saying goes, it takes a village, so building that village and knowing when to rely on it goes a long way. For us, it comes in the form of our advisors in the clinical and health care space, or for design and manufacturing, etc. We’re not experts - or at least weren’t when we started- so finding those who were was critical for us to learn and also to earn other’s people trust. So yes, asking for help goes a long, long way.” 2. Fran Hauser, media executive and author of The Myth of the Nice Girl “If I had to choose one skill that makes you successful as an entrepreneur, it would be adaptability. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly being thrown curve balls. Whether it's related to fundraising, product/market fit, or a relationship that goes sour. One's ability to pause and pivot is critical to being successful.” 3. Jamie Liebermann, Founder, Hashtag Legal “I believe the formula for success is consistency and longevity. Overnight success usually takes many years! When I get into a rut, I find that it’s my brain's way of telling me that I need a break. Stepping away from work for a bit is the best way to recharge.” 4. Devanshi Garg, Founding Partner, Hyphen Ventures “I think success comes from constantly learning and reinventing yourself. As a business owner, you have to be very hands-on initially. Eventually, you manage others and learn to be a better leader. I think if you get stuck on one formula you will probably not be successful. Being able to change and listen to the market and being able to respond without getting hung up or emotional in the process is an evolutionary formula for success.” 5. Misti Cain, Founder Whyzze

“If I had to create a mathematical formula for success, I would say it takes two parts of building genuine relationships plus one part of taking advantage of opportunities. I've met a lot of talented individuals, myself included, who've failed to take advantage of opportunities or expand their network in an authentic and purposeful way. I think it's understated how often a chance encounter or a random opportunity plays a role in becoming successful. In addition to relationship-building and opportunity-seeking, my personal formula for success also includes being a resourceful, life-long learner. Figuring out how to "figure it out", asking the right questions, and absorbing as well as implementing knowledge continuously has been incredibly instrumental in bolstering my personal and professional progress.” Have something inspirational to share with the Go Jane, Go community like these entrepreneurs did? Shout it out in the comments below!

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