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Career Mapping is for You

No matter where you are in your career, however long you've been where you are and regardless of how happy, disappointed or thrilled you are at this moment, Career Mapping may be for you. Never heard of this? Well, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine or your favorite beverage, because you're about to fall in love with your future. Already clued in? That's cool too. Maybe this take will strike a chord. We'd love it to hear if it does or what you think.

Thing is, people change jobs on average, about 12 times in their careers, according to The Balance Careers. But this number is high in comparison to young professionals who have made job hopping a norm, Fortune says, staying in one role for 8-18 months before hopping off to the next.

What this means for those of us looking to make a career-defining choice, comes down to a few, strategic and insightful questions. Grab a pen/pencil and clean tablet or new page on your digital organizer -- you'll want to keep this for reference -- and answer these questions in depth, with timing notations:

1. What's my next role with this company, according to my career in general? Have I discussed this with my supervisor/manager so our expectations are aligned?

2. Am I currently getting the training/experience I need to get to that role? Be sure that this isn't just a timeframe. How does my travel schedule play into this? Note specific skills, experiences, outcomes need to be listed here to ensure everyone is on the same footing.

3. Have I received regular reviews, promotions and/or raises which have been accompanied by increased compensation?

4. Does this schedule align with my overall career and job satisfaction? Are there things I'd like to keep - like my travel cadence - or that I'd like to change - like adding additional certifications, for example? If not, what is lacking?

5. Where are adjacent/other roles that can enhance these aspects of my professional life? If I'm satisfied, are there any mentors/accelerators I can identify to help me get to my next role sooner?

Review your answers and be sure you have taken actions accordingly, so you know whoever needs to know -- your team, your boss or your boss's boss, or HR -- knows where you're aiming to go next. Then think to yourself - is this really where I am and where I hope to be? If yes - then put this in a place to review again in April, July and October to ensure you're on track so when the next review comes around, you're ready to begin the next step in your plan.

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~Journey On, Janes!

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