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3 Tips to Always Look Good

We travel for business, so we must always look good. It's a given. And we deal with all kinds of circumstances that make always looking good a challenge sometimes -- sudden warm temperatures on the plane, leaving us feeling wrinkled and, well, moist. Ew. Or ever jump into your car, only to realize that your entire being feels uncomfortable, itchy and oddly puffy? And it seems every one of us have dealt with this all-time favorite situation -- realizing what we imagined to be a little drop of coffee actually was a spill that landed flatly on your stomach. Ugh. What to do? How do you deal with it all? What's your secret for always looking good?

Here are 3 of ours. Check them out and add yours! You can go to our Go Jane Go Facebook Page, join our Private Let's Fix Business Travel For Women Facebook Group discussion, RT us on Twitter @GoJaneGoTravels or tag us in your picture of yourself looking awesome on Instagram @GoJaneGoTravels and share your secret! We can't wait to compare notes and come up with better tips for sharing. For now, here are 3 worth trying:

1. Choose Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Clothing. Today, we have amazing choices for clothing that keeps looking good, even in the rain, heat or in spite of a spill. The new 4-way stretch fabrics incorporate wrinkle-free elegance, with cool, breathable and fast drying performance and an easy flow that keep us looking good all day and all night. Check out some of our favorites: These gorgeous black trousers from Betabrand flow and feel so comfortable all day and all night. This beautiful, flattering and moisture-wicking wrap dress from REI keeps it shape and enhances yours. And how about this super comfortable, yet luxurious-looking tank from Ministry of Supply for that easy to clean, quick-drying yet attractive layer.

2. Stay Hydrated. We know this to be true, and yet we seem to quickly forget its power, so here's the reminder! A big thanks to our friends at Popsugar Fitness who tell us that keeping ourselves hydrated keeps our skin feeling more supple, helps us avoid feeling or looking puffy, and even boosts our metabolism. Keeping a water bottle full and within reach can be all you need to keep yourself hydrated. So be sure to drink it in to feel and look good!

3. Layer-Up. When we wear layers of clothing on the road, we get more to options for hiding any accidental spills, malfunctions, temperature changes, but most of all, we look good. It's true! Layers give us a great look. Check out these looks from friends at Who What Wear, with truly great ideas for how to use layers to create stylish, flowing flare all our own.

Keep looking good as in your travels this week and...

~Journey on, Janes.

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