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15 Grams of Fiber Breakfast

Here's what a 15 grams of fiber breakfast looks like. Pretty simple. Oatmeal. Banana. Strawberry. Raspberry. Chia seeds. It's delicious food as fuel and a great way to start Monday. Thank you to our friends at My Fitness Pal for inspiring us, with so many examples of what fiber-rich foods look like and helping us realize nutrition can be absolutely yummy. And here's to our friends at Women's Health who highlight so many different combinations of overnight oats recipes that you'll be inspired, too, to try your own. No more avoiding fiber. It's worth adding and you'll love it. So let's embrace it!

Why focus on fiber? It's all the rage. But so many of us think fiber tastes like cardboard. Or is for older people. Or that it just isn't that special. Turns out, fiber is powerful food as fuel. It lessens your risk for cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and more. It's at the center of so many health benefits, including fitness. So why wait another day? Add some fiber to your breakfast tomorrow and tell us how it makes you feel. Tell us your recipe. Give us your nutrition tips for getting powered up for the travels this week, and let's share these success stories. We you succeed, we all succeed. Here's to it.

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Journey on, Janes.

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