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Go Jane, Go galvanizes a new sector of discerning, pragmatic professionals to get the specific products and level of service they deserve on the road.

Above all, our diverse group of women wants one thing: seamless travel within an industry built by and for men.


Go Jane Go Community

Our user-base is thousands-strong and made up of women business travelers of all ages, stages of career, and approaches to travel. Above all, our diverse group wants one thing: seamless travel within an industry built by and for men.

Corporate Partnerships

Our vetted community guides the GJG programs that use to help our partners connect with and win over the woman business traveler.  We can turn around custom research and recommendations in mere weeks for a fraction of the cost of consumer research.

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Jane Verified

In Beta

Jane-verified is our comprehensive annual certification process highlighting all the ways your company or brand can help women achieve safety, success and comfort on the road. 

Founding Partners

Question: What happens when two women who are traveling alone on business (and who happen to be sisters) commiserate long-distance from their hotel rooms that dinner for the evening will consist of stale protein bars from their purses because it's easier than trying to locate safe dining options near their hotels?

Answer: Go Jane Go is born.

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