About Us

We are a legion of women who travel for business. Our days are filled with the usual flights, zoom calls, team building and boardrooms, but we also handle child care, virtual homework sessions with kids at home, registration for activities and other situations in our home “boardrooms.” Industry hasn’t caught up with the woman traveler yet and we don’t have time to wait. At Go Jane, Go we help each other get better, faster, by shortening the learning curve every day.


Behind Go Jane, Go

Our community was born on a business trip to Chicago. One of our founders found herself with a free evening—no business dinners, no deadlines. She knew that other women business travelers were in her hotel and she wished she could find one or two so she could grab a glass of wine and talk shop—or shoes, or kids. Like most women travelers she wasn’t comfortable heading to the hotel bar alone. Go Jane, Go aims to offer a community of women who know

exactly how that moment feels. Our community members share stories, business travel tips and tricks, and networks, all with women business travelers in mind. Together we address the challenges we all face as women traveling for business.

Ask most men and it never occurs to them that business travel is different for women. They don’t realize we sometimes carry our keys in our fists brass knuckle-style as we walk to the car in a long-term lot after dark. They don’t understand what we mean when we ask “how late is the car rental desk manned?” or “is that running path safe?” They don’t understand when we say “if my flight lands after 10 pm, I’m parking in short term so my expenses will be a little

inflated for this trip.” And it never occurs to them that we might be uncomfortable asking our male leaders for advice about our careers.

The women of Go Jane, Go understand.  


We work together by sharing situational feedback IN REAL TIME. Each member can share a business trip with the community and instantly receive feedback about safe places to eat/drink alone, or navigating the city, suggestions for team-building events, etc. Each member has access to community profiles to she can search for women in her industry, her home town, or who travel to the same destinations regularly.  And most importantly, WE ARE A WALLED GARDEN. We take your safety and security

seriously, both in and out of our community. So WE NEVER SELL YOUR DATA, which means you can communicate publicly or privately with each other knowing that your communication is secure.


By creating a vetted cohort of women who travel for business and connecting them for real-time and transparent communication, we will use our cumulative power to succeed faster.  Along the way we will change what the business travel industry gets wrong about what we need.  From suitcase brands that market to mostly to men, to airports that offer sports bars and tie stores instead of organic juiceries and cashmere lounge-wear stores, to hotels that offer in-room products only white skin and hair can tolerate.  Together we can make business travel work for us. 


What Makes Us Different

Real-Time Communication

Diversity of Industry

Years of Experience

We are the only community for women who travel for business. Our backgrounds are diverse but we share common challenges as women travelers. At Go Jane, Go we network, advise, commiserate, comfort and rally with and for each other every day. Join us!

Join Us Change the World

Ever wonder if there is a fellow female business traveler in your hotel or airport lounge that could join you for a glass of wine, or maybe another woman with whom you could network?  Ever wish you could ask a few thousand women for quick advice on a new market approach or business travel tip?  Ever wish you could ask an executive woman the question you can't ask your male executives?

Go Jane, Go.

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