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There’s something about being on the road; traveling with not only a destination in mind, but a business goal.  There’s something about packing the bag, being efficient, catching a predawn flight and leaving the homefires burning in our wake that feels good.  No; feels great.  We do our best thinking at 30,000 feet and have the trip from our door to our departure gate down to a science.  We can easily pack a week into a carry-on.  We are a formidable, get $hit done kind of bunch.  We are Go Jane, Go – an international, private, exclusive community of women who travel for business.

We comprise thousands of women members who are willing to ask and answer all the questions about business travel. We support each other every day on the road and off – and since the community is private and protected, there is only honesty; no judgement. 
Members have full access to the online community via our members-only mobile app.  That means any and all questions asked and answered, often instantly, as well as access to all past discussions full of wisdom, advice and experience.
Additionally, members receive access to our daily original content written and produced by actual writers and journalists, as well as invites to monthly virtual events featuring speakers with critical roles in the business travel industry, and daily discussions on issues affecting many of us as we are executing our jobs on the road.
Go Jane Go is open to any woman traveling for business, at any stage of her career, at any experience level.  The experienced among us help shorten the learning curve for those new to the biz travel game, the mid career travelers lean into how to extract the most value from business travel while balancing, well, everything, and the executives find a cohort of women just like them to tackle higher level business issues.  The gang’s all here - -  We galvanize an important and powerful sector of discerning, pragmatic professionals!
Our community is rich in experience, accomplishment and empathy.  When we share what works with each other, business travel becomes a better tool to help us meet our business needs and becomes a richer experience for all of us. 
To keep our vibrant and real community protected and private costs money.  As one of our mentors told us long ago; “If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product.”  We don’t sell member data but we want to keep our firewalls strong and plentiful.  Our modest annual membership fee ensures we are who we say we are, and our community remains full of women with integrity and real experience.  Join us!

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