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Go Jane, Go is a private, secure global community of women business travelers. We share our unique experiences on the road to extract high value from business travel and we rely on our hard-won insights to create a trusted fellowship among our members.


Our founders, who are also sisters, launched this community four years ago. After hundreds of business trips over a combined 30+ years of business travel, they had to acknowledge that

business travel is just different for women. We carry the responsibilities of our home life on every business trip we take—from what to do when care givers are sick, to whether we can ship “liquid gold” home fast enough for our new born. And we have concerns our male counterparts don’t, like the safety of a hotel gym at night or the lighting in airport long-term parking lots. We often carry these concerns alone. But Jane changes that. There’s help and strength in numbers.

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The women of Go Jane, Go are the guiding coalition who are changing the way we travel for business.  Our combined experience, buying-power and accomplishment make us a powerful, yet underserved market.  When we share what we need with each other and with industry, we make business travel work for us.  Join us and change the game.

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Ever wonder if there is a fellow female business traveler in your hotel or airport lounge that could join you for a glass of wine, or maybe another woman with whom you could network?  Ever wish you could ask a few thousand women for quick advice on a new market approach or business travel tip?  Ever wish you could ask an executive woman the question you can't ask your male executives?

Go Jane, Go.

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